How to become a substitute teacher in CA?

Becoming a Substitute Teacher in California 

First, let’s take a quick look at the steps you will need to complete before getting hired as a substitute teacher in California

  1. Have a bachelor’s degree
  2. Take a TB test 
  3. Complete a Live Scan test 
  4. Take a CBEST test 
  5. Obtain a 30-day permit

At Scoot, we help substitute teachers find schools and schools find exceptional substitute teachers like you. Working with Scoot as your employer, you can always expect a flexible schedule and market-leading pay. Substitute teaching allows for a rewarding career or job without the hassle of extra schooling or restrictive schedules. 

Congrats! It’s stellar you’re pursuing substitute teaching. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Francisco Bay Area, the process of becoming a substitute teacher is simple. It requires some paperwork and testing to ensure you’re qualified, healthy and capable\of providing a safe environment for stude

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Ready to become a substitute teacher in CA? Here’s how to get started and the requirements.  

To become a substitute teacher in California, on your first step you’ll need to have obtained a bachelor’s degree and be able to provide unofficial transcripts. 

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