Why Substitute Teaching Is Perfect For Stay At Home Parents

It’s hard to be a parent and have to choose between staying at home with your kids or your career. But what if you could still be a SAHM or SAHD and be able to work?

Good news! With substitute teaching, you can!

Flexible Schedules with great pay

Being a substitute teacher means you can contribute financially to your household while still maintaining a flexible schedule and upholding your Mommy or Daddy duties!

If you hate monotony and thrive in varied environments where you’re given a chance to take charge and be creative yet strategic, then substitute teaching is for you!

Why SAHM and SAHD make great substitutes

As a parent, you’re well-versed in children and have the personality necessary to provide students with a fun and meaningful day of learning.

You understand the pain points of students and how to relate to them. You are already passionate and empathetic and want to see our future generations receive the best education they can.

Reasons to substitute teach

Think about it! While your kids are at school, you can pick up a substitute job as your schedule allows and still be able to get the kids to soccer in the evening.

You’ll get out of the house and your identity will be more than just “Mom” or “Dad”.

You’ll change lives outside of your own family.

You’ll be able to contribute financially to your household without having to get a full-time job or sacrificing time with your kids!

You’ll help solve the massive teacher shortage occurring in California and help students achieve a continuous day of learning.

If you’re eager to make a difference in your community, consider becoming a substitute teacher with Scoot. We’ll guide you through the process and get you working in schools by fall 2018!

What do I have to do to start substitute teaching?

Becoming a substitute teacher requires you pass a tuberculosis test, a Live Scan criminal check, and an aptitude test called CBEST.

Some schools will allow you to substitute teach without taking the CBEST exam, but we highly suggest taking it.

Learn how to become a substitute teacher in Los Angeles and the steps necessary to get hired with Scoot.

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Let’s solve the teacher shortage together and get quality educators into Los Angeles classrooms! 

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